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Tahoe is one of the world's premier mountain biking areas. There are dozens of rides available for every skill level within or adjacent to the Tahoe Basin. We have compiled information on some of those rides. We are constantly updating this page as we document new rides so be sure to check back often. The rides are indexed by location and difficulty. For a more detailed description of these categories, please return to the Tahoe Adventure Sports Homepage. We have rated the rides on a 1 to 5 star system based on our experience. Yours may differ!

Please remember that we share the trails with hikers, equestrians, and occasionally dirt bikers so please be courteous to avoid the closure of trails to mountain bikes. Also, please be sensitive to the environment. Included in each description is a section on environmental concerns. To find out more about how you can help the Lake Tahoe environment, visit our General Environmental Concerns page. Need to rent? Click here!

Click on a ride listed below to see a detailed description and (for most rides) a trail map and elevation profile.

Star Rating South Shore
Fallen Leaf Lake (Beginner): This is a fine beginner ride that even a child can complete. It ends on a rocky beach with a beautiful view of Fallen Leaf Lake with Mt. Tallac in the distance. Five miles r/t, +/-30 feet of elevation change.
Coral Loop (Intermediate): A fine short single track downhill. Distance: 6.5 miles r/t. Elevation change:+/- 833 feet.
Fallen Leaf Rd. Parallel (High Beginner): A short ride that parallels Fallen Leaf Road. Some rocky sections otherwise rideable by beginner mountain bikers. Diatance: 6 miles r/t. Elevation change = +/- 75 feet.
Angora Lakes (Intermediate): A nice climb up a dirt and paved road to Angora Lookout or on to the pretty Angora Lakes. Beautiful views from the lookout. Best when the gate is locked in late September or May. Distance: 7 miles r/t. Elevation change: +/- 750 feet.
Big Meadow Area (Intermediate): A good ride for intermediate or above bikers. Three trails to three different lakes, Scott, Round, or Dardanelles. Can make a loop by descending a steep trail to the end of Christmas Valley. Distance: 5 - 10 miles depending on the route. Elevation change: Anywhere from +/- 900 to +/- 1800 feet again depending on the route.
Powerline Trail (Intermediate): A very nice single track from much of the ride, this is a terrific short (hour and a half) ride with a good mix of climbing and descending. Distance: 7 miles one-way. Elevation change: +734 / - 798.
Clark's Trail (Advanaced): The highlight of this advanced ride is the technical downhill from the Angora Lookout to Fallen Leaf Lake Road. Distance: 5 miles r/t. Elevation change: + / - 440 feet.
Armstrong Pass (Advanced): This fantastic ride is for those who like to climb. It has a great single track downhill and can be combined with either the Toads ride or the Kingsbury South Tahoe Rim Trail ride. Distance: 7 miles one-way. Elevation change: From 1100 to 2450 feet depending on where you start.
Mr. Toads Wild Ride (Advanced): One of Tahoe's most famous rides. A technical testpiece for advanced riders that finishes with a ripping banked single track. A must ride for serious riders. Distance: 8 miles one-way. Elevation Change: + 1160 / - 2520 feet.
Tahoe Rim Trail - Kingsburry south (Advanced): A less well known advanced tour that rewards the rider with spectacular views of the Carson Valley and the Tahoe high country surrounding Freel Peak. Distance: 20 miles one-way. Elevation change: + 3750 / - 4940 feet. Several variations are possible.
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  North Shore

Mt. Rose to Tunnel Creek (Intermediate): This is a fantastic ride from Mt. Rose to Tunnel Creek and is a natural extention of the famous Flume Trail. Distance: 7.7 miles. Elevation change: +850 feet / -1680 feet

Paige Meadow (Beginner): A good beginner riding area with lots of different trails, not too much climbing, but definitely mountain biking! Distance: From 4 to 12 miles. Elevation change: From +/- 650 to +/- 1000 feet.
Burton Creek Area (Intermediate): A good area for a quick ride. Lots of trails, some good single track, lots of logging road. A little hard to navigate! Distance: From a few miles to over 10. Elevation change: from +/- 800 to +/- 1500.
Hole in the Ground (Advanced): A north shore gem! Teriffic single track, well maintained, exciting downhills and moderate climbing plus great scenery! What a ride! Distance: 17 miles one-way. Elevation change: +/- 2080 feet.
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  West Shore
General Creek (Beginner to Intermediate): Located in the beautiful Sugar Pine Point Campground, there is a short, flat loop as well as a longer out-and-back tour that make this ride easily adjustable to fit your party's ability. Distance: From 4 to 10 miles round trip. Elevation change: From +/- 150 to +/- 800 feet.
General/McKinney Creek (High Intermediate): The first 2/3rds of this ride is stellar and continues the General Creek ride shown above. The downhill through the McKinney Creek drainage, however, includes long stretches of bone-jarring jeep trail with baseball size rocks covering the road. With a good full suspension bike, this might be close to enjoyable! Distance: 13 miles round trip. Elevation change: 1200 feel.
Stanford Rock/Ward Cr (Advanced): This is the west shore's best ride. A killer climb up a jeep road leads to beautiful views of Lake Tahoe. The descent is technical but mostly rideable on a nice single track. Distance: 14 miles round trip. Elevation change: 2100 feet.
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  East Shore

Flume Trail (Intermediate to Advanced): This is undoubtedly Tahoe's most famous ride. The views from the Flume section of the ride are spectacular. The climb from Spooner Lake to Marlette Lake is reasonable for intermediate riders (maybe a bit of walking!) Advanced rides are easy to piece together for those wanting more mileage and climbing. Distance: 13 miles one-way to 25 miles round trip. Elevation change: +/- 2050 to + /-3500 feet.

Kingsbury - Spooner (Intermediate +): This is a pleasant ride on the Tahoe Rim Trail north of Kinsbury grade. Along the way, it provides fantastic scenery and Lake views. A large bench at the top of the climb provides a wonderful place to sit and eat a snack. The single track downhill to Spooner summit is fun and fast. Distance: 13 miles one-way. Elevation change: + 1500/ - 1890 feet.

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